Our Motto
​Of The People, By The People, For The People, Under God, Should be Embraced, Once Again, Lest This Beautiful Land Lose God’s Favor!
Economic Policy
Common Sense Mandates that we believe in fair, meaningful, and affordable Pro-Family, Pro-Education, and Pro-Jobs economic and tax policies. We also believe that Government, at most levels, has become too big, too cumbersome, too ineffective, and too invasive with little accountability for its actions. The Federal Government’s departments should be managed like well-run corporations, but with reasonable openness in order to maximize Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness, and Responsiveness while saving the taxpayer trillions of dollars.  Some of the savings could go to elementary, secondary, and higher education, in order to help Americans truly in need, or to other areas such as badly needed transportation infrastructure improvements, energy production, power grid projects, border security, and the promotion of the US Dollar as the sole currency for all of North America, including Canada, Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, and Greenland, making the entire continent of North America, the Dollar Zone (similar to Europe's Euro Zone).

Foreign Policy
​Common Sense Mandates that we ensure the United States remain the most powerful military force on Earth, ahead of the combined military power of surging nuclear-armed China and vast nuclear-armed Russia, to be ready to defend our vital interests and freedom.  At the same time, we should not be the sole reliable policeman for the entire world, but must require a congress-approved declaration of war when directly attacked (would have to follow our counter to any surprise attack) or imminently threatened.  Such a policy would free up trillions of dollars.  A large part of the savings could again go to education, transportation improvements, energy and power projects, border security, and Americans truly in need. 

​Additionally, our many European allies (The UK, France, Germany, etc.), Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel, and rapidly surging India must remain strong U.S. allies as a counter to potential threats from China, Russia, Pakistan (if taken over by anti-American radical Islamists), Iran, and the ISIS (ISIL) Caliphate.  Unfortunately, none of the currently friendly Muslim (Arab and non-Arab) countries can be relied on in the future due to their potential for being taken over by radical anti-American/anti-West/anti-Christian regimes.  Finally, we must also devote more interest to Latin America, from Mexico, to Central America, to South America, and throughout the Caribbean. This part of the Western Hemisphere is vital to our strategic interests as stated in the Monroe Doctrine. Most immigrants come to the U.S. from Latin America, the ruthless drug cartels are concentrated in Mexico and Central America, and China is making tremendous economic inroads into commodity powerhouse Brazil.  Strategic Latin partnerships, inclusive of economic and military cooperation, enhanced by the adoption of the single US Dollar currency, are vital to the future security of the United States. 
Party  Overview
​The Common Sense Independent Party is founded on the goal of creating a no-nonsense party fueled by the concepts of common sense and togetherness. By finding common ground amongst ourselves through discussions of all sides of a given problem, our party is able to work together to find efficient solutions that most benefit the common good. By keeping our approach simple, we allow for true openness and efficiency of discourse among our members. Strength exists in unity, so we welcome all to join in our effort, even if there is disagreement on certain issues. We are here to work toward a common goal, not judge one another. We also take pride in our unwillingness to sugar coat our beliefs. With the Common Sense Independent Party, you are free to tell it like it is so long as it is not in a way that threatens, hurts, or harms anyone. 


Social Issues
​Common Sense mandates that we believe in the morality of the sanctity of human life, including the unborn.  We oppose the deliberate taking of human life, except in times of war and self-defense.

We also believe strongly in avoiding the use of labels. We are Not Latino Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Native Americans, or LGBT’s; We’re Simply AMERICANS!  Pride in our ethnic heritage is great and we do not believe in discrimination against anyone, but we don’t believe that preferential treatment should be given to anyone except those in true financial need who have demonstrated true effort, performance and/or sacrifice.   We do not believe quotas or affirmative action should be applied on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, age, marital status or sexual preference as it is not fair to the general population.  The same standards should be applied to everyone when it comes to college entrance, employment, and business contracts.

​Although our party would have preferred national acceptance of same sex civil unions, with “full marriage-type” benefits, we recognize and must respect the decision of The Supreme Court permitting same-sex marriages throughout the country. However, we also believe anyone should be allowed to believe in the traditional definition of marriage, itself, and not be punished, prosecuted, discriminated against, labeled as a bigot, or pressured into believing they’re a bigot for adhering to that belief.The First Amendment rights of Free Speech and Freedom of Religion must be respected and guaranteed.
The Common Sense Independent Party